So obviously I am not a medical expert of any kind, but I wanted to share my own experience with sports during pregnancy. I will be honest: currently there is not a lot of sports while pregnant. Since we are moving, I want to give my body a much needed break in between box moving and cleaning. BUT…. I am still a member of my gym and normally attend regular classes (although I do not do all exercises). Below my experiences so far:

– At my gym, there are currently 3 women including me participating in “normal” classes. They are both a bit further along than me (well in their 3rd trimester). One of them still takes spinning & body pump classes almost at full speed/strength. At the advice of my physical therapist I started going to body pump again after skipping it in the 1st trimester due to nausea. I avoid lunges, decreased the weights (if possible, my muscles are underdeveloped already) and take extra breaks. Otherwise I am fine.  It seems like a good class to take when pregnant (also seeing that the other 2 pregnant one take the same class).

– I attended Zumba classes throughout the 1st and 2nd trimester and avoided the high jumps after a while. Besides that I thought it was fun. Due to my back problems, I have not been for a while but would like to start again. If it does not work I am going to switch to aqua zumba.

– I am not going to take a Mommy fit course. The promotion brochures usually already freak me out with lines like ” do you want to connect with the little miracle in your belly” or “do you want to make child birth the best experience of your life”. This is not for me. PERIOD. EXCLAMATION MARK.

– I still wear my normal sport clothes and added a belly belt to give my bump some extra support. Up until now, it seems to work.

– I tried swimming a couple of times but it does not really work for me. I get bored and the bump feels heavy, even in the water.

Please share your exercise routine if you feel like it.




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