I love inspiring spaces with lots of art, books, magazines & memories. In my imagination my house would look like this ……

But in real life I have “inspiration” scattered all over the floor, magazine stacks in every room of the house and shoes next to every sitting area. Since I am moving in 2 weeks, I am currently organising/ decluttering and just keeping the things I really love. Ofcourse I also need new items that match the empty spaces in our new house so the hunt for affordable yet stylish things has begun!

A list of my favourite items (so far):

Processed with Moldiv

– I LOVE photographers William Klein & Richard Avedon. Therefore I bought a magazine (cannot afford the real ones) when I visited the FOAM exhibition last year and display it around the house.

BABETH coffee table book, this was a recommendation of a bookstore in Amsterdam and it is stunning. Forget the all the others, this one is amazing!

– Fashion inspiration: Alexa Chung’s IT and How to be Parisian wherever you are. Love their style, love the books. Read when feeling bloated on a rainy day for instant inspiration.

Monocle: simply the best magazine around full of a mixture of business, culture, innovative concepts and hotspots. I think it aims mostly at men (seeing there is always some fashionable man on the cover) but whatevs, I love it.

These are all packed up. On my wishlist are prints by ViaMartine or Hema and I have a whole stack of illustrations I like to order via Etsy. You can check out my selection here.


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