Tomorrow I am 6 months pregnant and feeling very well. But… my back is not doing so great therefore I cannot do a lot of domestic activities. While trying to get Daddy-to-be to take care of our daily meals (while also securing my diet restrictions), I had a little panic attack. How are we going to do this when the baby is born? While working full-time, being sleep deprived and trying to build a life: when is there time to prepare healthy food? So I started a search for the best Dutch food boxes and a blender. These are my findings so far.

– DISCLAIMER: I live in Sittard which is near Maastricht in the South of the Netherlands. It seems that nothing functions outside “de Randstad” so my options are kinda limited. If you live in Amsterdam or close to it, you will have many more options to choose from –

1) MY FAVOURITE: Marley Spoon 

Love this concept: they prepare 7 recipes, you choose your favourites and it gets delivered to your doorstep (also in the not-so- heavily-populated South). You pay 48 Euro per week (3 meals, 2 persons) or 38 Euro per week (2 meals, 2 persons).

2) THE FAMOUS ONE: Hellofresh

You can get a subscription that offers 3 or 5 meals per week. Unfortunately, they do not take any dietary restrictions. I do not eat pork and have my pregnancy diabetes thing, so does not work for me at this point.

3) THE ONE WITH A THEME: Food we love 

An expert puts together a box full of delicacies around a theme. Does not solve my problem but I am sold. It is probably  full of stuff I do not really need, but I am a sucker for these kind of concepts. For 25-30 Euro, you can order a box.

4) THE SURPRISE BOX: Food Delicious 

Also focused on delicacies with an element of surprise (being a little bit of control freak, I usually Google it beforehand). For 34,95 you get a box every 2 months with herbs, oils and exclusive products.

5) THE MEDITERREAN ONE: Zadina’s kitchen

You can recognise Ottolenghi’s inspiration (love his recipes by the way) in the style of 2 cooks: Tarik & Jelle. Looks excellent & tasty, unfortunately does not deliver in my region. If you are fond of vegetables and mediterrean food: this seems like an excellent option!

6) THE FRESH ONE: Streekbox

They deliver typical Dutch, fresh products to your doorstep. Also they offer different type of boxes like de “smoesiebox” focused on smoothies or fruitbox. Pricing seems complicated to with different prices per box (20-35 Euros range) and shipping costs seem somewhat steep at 7,95 Euro.

Ofcourse there are many more options. This seems to be a booming market (although I heard yesterday on the news that Hellofresh is loss making but growing). Let me know if you have any favourites you would like to share.



p.s. This is a picture from the website Food Delicious and not made by me


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