I was never the type that read books about having babies, visited babystores or asked pregant friend all kind of questions. For me a baby was an image for the distant future and I would figure it out as I go. Well, the future is now and the baby is coming. I feel like my life has transformed completely and am faced with tons of questions like: which stroller do I buy? What are the essentials I need? What is a swaddle? Which baby fashion brand do I like? How many pairs of baby shoes should I buy really (so cute!)? How am I going to remain true to my own style with a growing bump? What impact will it have on my career?

… I started a blog!

BUT ever since I am trying to find my tone of voice, define my brand and the topics I want to write about. In this post I try to find and answer by writing my very own manifest for the blog.

What kind of vibe am I going for?


Who am I?


What is this blog about?

1) Remaining true to my abition

MOMMY AT WORK/Career & babies: Kind of speaks for itself, but ofcourse I am exploring what kind of impact a baby has on your career. New mommys have less time but also more focus. How do you deal with all the changes? How do you remain true to your own ambition? How do you combine the MINI with work? Personally, I find inspiration in women like Julia Restoin-Roitfeld who are able to manage an expanding career & motherhood at the same time (and still remain stylish while doing so).

2) Remaining true to my style

STYLE STRATEGY/ Minimalism & style with a mini: I am a real strategist and therefore love structures, patterns and trends. The whole world of style is getting ever more complicated with the excessive overflow of information, so I try and structure it. I apply strategic frameworks to the world of fashion and share my findings with you.

FASHION FOR MINIS/baby fashion: It is a jungle out there: there are millions and millions of (web)shops out there. I try and make sense of them.

PREGNANCY FASHION/ styling the bump: As soon as my bump started growing, I realized this would be a challenge. Many blogs and brands out there focus on mass consumers. That is ofcourse fine (and brings in the cash) but it is not for me. I like french chic and minimalism. I do not want to wear a flowery maxi dress nor do I want to wear big, scary undergarments.

3) Maintaining a new lifestyle  

BUILDING THE NEST/interior design: On top of everything we have bought a new house and I have a serious case of nesting behavior. I have a strong urge to clean up the house, throw stuff out and decorate. Next week I am starting a course in sewing (yes sewing as in with a sewing machine). My boyfriend started laughing when I told him. If hope this works out because baby stuff is expensive :-).

HEALTHY FOOD JOURNEY/ food & lifestyle:  Apparently I am prone to pregnancy diabetes and am therefore on a diet. It sucks. But cooking is like a new hobby (see also nesting behavior). So it is fine. I am going to be honest about what I like (sugarfree Nutella like hazelnut paste mmmmm) and what not (overnight oatmeal, not very tasty). Also I refuse to go to pregnancy gym classes and still attend my regular gym (granted, just once a week).

So there you have it. Leave a comment if you feel like it.

xo xo



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