In my previous post, I explained how to build a perfect pregnancy wardrobe. One of the principles is based on investing in high quality pieces that you really love. Ofcourse these pieces depend on your own personal signature style. I would like to share my key pieces that have really helped me through my pregnancy so far (I am now in my second trimester).



  • In the 1st trimester, you really want to be comfortable since you are probably not feeling very well.
  • Also you might be experiencing a beginning baby bump that you want to conceal from the rest of the world. You might gain some weight in undesirable place due to changes in your hormones. For me my hips grew wider and face got rounder ( I prefer the term rounder to gaining weight).
  • If not too exhausted and nauseated, you are still working out.
  • This means you need comfortable clothes, that flatter the tummy area. Probably you also need some gym clothes and soft pyama’s and “hanging on the couch” outfits (that still remind your partner why you are having his baby and are very desirable).
  • For me it was winter during the 1st trimester so I needed warm pieces.

Key style pieces

  • I am big fan of tailored trousers, skinny jeans and pencil skirts. Suffice it so say, they do not conceal newly gained shapes well. This meant I wore a lof of wider blouses or t-shirts that I could tug in to conceal the belly. Also I wore a lot of sweaters scandinavian style (longer & straight) combined with a pencil skirt.
  • To lengthen my legs (and optically conceal the widening of the hips), I wore a lot of ankle heels with a comfortable heel height.
  • When not at work, I ofcourse fully embraded the comfortable sneaker trend. Thank god for Nike & Adidas.
  • I just felt bad so I needed make-up. I invested in lipsticks and blusher to try and brighten up my face (not always succesfully).
  • My scalp started to itch so I switched my shampoo and took an extra trip to my hairdresser. You feel better when your hair looks good.





  • In the 2nd trimester, the game changes because you start growing. Every week a new challenge presents itself, because something does not fit in the same way or not at all. Items that looked flattering before, are now loosing their attraction. Time to buy some new items.
  • Working out is probably still on your calender but you are in need of more support.
  • As the weeks go by, you increasingly need new basics like underwear, tank tops, pantyhose and supporting garments. Usually maternity lines offer good options for these or you can just go up a size.
  • The Mini needs more space especially in the tummy area and so do you. Also at some point you will want to start showing off the Mini (and therefore the bump).
  • You are in need of extra hydratation to avoid itching and stretch marks.
  • For me this was the end of winter & spring, so I needed both warm outfits and layers.

Key style pieces

  • I wore a lot of low waist jeans and stretchy pencil skirts. I stopped wearing my high waist jeans in the 1st trimester already and somewhere midway the 2nd trimester my tailored pants and non-stretch pencil skirts no longer fitted. Also leggings can be comfortable and a nice solution for a growing belly.
  • My collection of coats are real essentials: a classic trenchcoat ( for rain and pre-spring days), a long, warm coat with a zipper at the bottom (to give the bump extra space) for cold days and a biker leather jacket.
  • Tops that are wide around the tummy area. Personally I like blouses (not tailored), oversized sweaters and tops (especially with lace and/or leather details) and t-shirts (sometimes I wear men’s shirts).
  • I invested in nice, soft and silky pyama’s and sweaters for lounging around the house. Makes me feel good.
  • I am a little obsessed with scents in general, but now that I am pregnant it has become even worse. I bought a  new perfume and tons of lotions. It is so nice to get into bed smelling all these delicious scents on your skins.
  • I exchanged heels for more comfortable flats & sneakers to give my back some much needed relief.



STYLE IN MINI : PREGNANT by fleura80 featuring a black sweater

What are your go-to pieces? Let me know because good advice is always welcome!


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