What to eat while pregnant: sugarfree as the new mantra

I am not a size 0, nor do I eat only carrots for lunch. I love carbs and chocolate but I do try and keep a healthy diet as much as possible. For the first 14 weeks of my pregnancy I was to nauseated and gained virtually no weight (no alcohol might have contributed a little too). After that I felt like I could try and live a little. This meant eating a daily Kitkat mini at 4 o’clock and switching back to bread for breakfast. What the heck, I am pregnant after all. WRONG, wrong and wrong. Apparently I am susceptible to high blood sugars which means I am at risk for developing pregnancy diabetes. So ever since I am on diet: sugarfree that is. Below some of my experiences (so far) and tips for other expectant mommys.

  • Oatmeal is your new friend. You can bake muffins, pancakes or make overnight oats. The pancakes especially are good! There are many recipes on the internet to make them. Just be careful with berries & banana (both of which I love). They also raise your glucose levels and should be used marginally. I made oatmeal muffins last week (see the picture in this post) and they are good. Check out the recipe here (in Dutch, by Rens Kroes).
  • Get a good cookbook and check out the blogs for healthy eating. Personally I love “Rens Kroes, Powerfood” but also “Deliciously Ella“.
  • The first week is going to be hard. Your body is protesting (yes, sugar is addictive). It gets better, really. And make sure, you get to indulge a little (remember the little). After talking to my dietist I am now allowed 1 small pieces of chocolate a week (I literally cannot live without chocolate).
  • Nights out on the town are the hardest. Dining out, visiting friends, babyshowers, holidays etc. now get a totally new dimension. You cannot eat cake, have candy or eat a lot of carbs. Try and eat at home before you go and take a snack for emergencies (like an apple). Focus on the salads and pretend all deserts have raw eggs in them.

I am still learning, so am sure this topic will be continued.




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