6 Short stories about me

A short introduction of me in 6 mini-stories.

1. As a toddler long before the digital age, I started making books and newspapers titled  “Floor, the little princess” and “Daily Floor”. As you can probably guess, my name is Floor. Needless to say I have been obsessed with published materials ever since. I have a subscription to Elle, Marie-Claire, VT Wonen (Dutch interior design magazine) and National Geographic. I also have 10 apps on my phone that cover different blogs and I check the online news websites around 8 times a day (yes I know compulsive behavior).

2. I love everything that involves stores. Concept stores are at the top of my list but also shops for clothing, shoes, fragrance, beauty, interior design online or offline etc. And yes I like books/magazines about stores as well (see also 1, I simply love to read).

3. Due to my love of stores, I also tend to shop a lot. This usually involves a highly structured and lengthy process of browsing, creating shortlists, style moodboards, evaluating options and searching for the exact right item (in the end I cannot possibly choose between blue and black & end up buying both). What can I say: I love structure & planning.

4. I am a business woman. I work as a strategy consultant in a technology company and I love it. For 1 day a week I run my own business for strategy in the creative industry and I love that too.  I am very driven and ambitious but I do not get up at 6 to go the gym before work, eat carrot sticks for lunch or avoid the occasional stain on my outfit.  I have a lot of respect for woman who are able to juggle all that but I am not one of them.

5. Some random facts:

  • I love tea: all kinds at every hour. Cinnamon is my favourite.
  • My other favourite: a bottle of Sancerre, Pinot Gris or Moet (which ofcourse know are banished due to the pregnancy).
  • I adore the French “je ne sais quoi” style and like to think this is also my way of dressing (although this might be different in real life).
  • As far as art goes I prefer street photography and portraits. William Klein and Richard Avedon are my favourite artists.
  • I am little obsessed by classic style icons as well as French women. Needless to say I adore Carine Roitfeld, Clemence Poesy, Charlotte Gainsbourg but also Marianne Faithfull, Romy Schneider and Alexa Chung (check out my pinterest board on style icons here).

6. I am going to be a mommy. REALLY really life-changing that makes me very happy and anxious at the same time. This is my journey.


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